What working with brands taught me

03 November 2015

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The notion of branding has evolved by miles since day 1 that i started representing brands three years ago. A brand’s aim is to narrate its story and bring forth its own version of a product or brand experience. Lately, i think the lines between how a consumer plays a part in influencing what is to exist is being blurred and there are many more factors as to what makes a brand grow and become viable. This is not a two step process but something that happens in the little ways that we as product creators and consumers are evolving with culture and simply the things that motivates us. As a brand representative and consumer, these are some of the points I’ve learned working with brands that influenced the way i work and live presently.

1) Brands to me are like people and actually some people are brands too. One has to know what one wants too before understanding what one is bringing to market. Are you a brand that is trendy or are you planning to be in for the long haul. Intention is everything.

2) Brands that exists for commerce has to know whether your consumer exists as well. (this relates to preparation work done before even designing)

3) On branding. Products take up space in your closet but culture doesn’t. Even if every person you have interacted with does not buy your product now. It is good to know what is the brand experience you are celebrating which can impact every person that you engage with. They may / may not like it but they will remember you for something.

4) The reasons to exists. As an expression of ourselves? but what is that we offer that differs for the clutter of brands that are out there.

5) Technology. It is not just the way a brand’s information is being broadcast but the way consumers live in the digital age which affects the viability of a brand and its products.