03 February 2017

Sab in NYC

I like to believe that we all have one thing in common. Our purpose in life is truly to become who we already are. I read many versions of this growing up. With that, i too had many visualizations and exceptions of what that might be, what it looks like and what it feels like. Spoiler alert. It really might not be what you expect. Only the blood sweat and tears.

what i did not expect is that the work that we have to do in order to ‘become’ That sense of selfhood is really the work we all share and yet at the same time be consciously doing the work yourself.

I am not sure since when that i saw every work , service, product and brand as an extension of the human expression.

Im inspired to write this because I’m witnessing many friends breaking out of their routines pursuing dreams, building something. Not necessary entrepreneurship just creative pursuits exercising their voices and individuality. Like a normal thing. Like breathing. And recently i found some writings that i did years ago and it served as a great reminder of why i started.

To say that i knew what i wanted to build exactly is not really true. Before i made moves, these are the things i knew.

– go to college and be in a non competitive environment and just be learning. Not about achieving.

– I wanted to dance. And Yes dance in NYC. So here i am. It is really my sanctuary and my dream. I take classes every tues ,tues and thurs at Broadway dance centre now.

– I wanted to build a bag that i could travel with. A little obsessed about well functioning bags somehow.

– Plan beach vacations. Hawaii this year.

– Immerse in culture from music to street culture, fashion and design. No matter what it takes.

And then someone told me: you know these are only dreams.

I had many reasons to believe so. i just did not. I thought i had nothing to lose which i found out its not true, but it is still somehow worthwhile. At this point, i no longer let someone limit my beliefs.

So with nothing but purpose of knowing these are things that i want to see in my life i chase down every opportunity at every turn. It was wild but we do get better at it. People dont understand the strength that I’ve cultivated. Sometimes painstaking but i think this is part of the ‘becoming’

The thing with purpose though there is a secondary important word. It is called clarity because we do get what we wish for. Or rather what we manifest. On the next post i will write about the projects I’ve done , the mess and takeaways.

Some of my endeavors include starting a dance studio, a concert management company , two stores , a cafe , a bag company in the US and now a distribution company working across 10 countries. I guess purpose does go a long way but the energy behind it however is not infinite. It is called life force. Some regrets? Yes no matter what they say. So my word for the moment is ‘Discerning’

Many people met me at different seasons of my life but I’ve been reconsolidating recently. So even if i do things with a beginners mindset, i m always reminded to move forward with confidence, seasoned heart and hands. With Purpose.

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