Jurassic 5 meet and greet promo

We were excited to be a part of bringing back old school and the classics back to Singapore. in conjunction to J5’s highly anticipated performance we are honored to be part of the conversation with J5 at their meet and greet. Photography by Kevin Lee, Cake ImagesJurassic5-035-Web Jurassic5-055-Web Jurassic5-068-Web Jurassic5-102-Web Jurassic5-107-Web Jurassic5-112-Web Jurassic5-155-Web Jurassic5-159-Web Jurassic5-168-Web Jurassic5-258-Web Jurassic5-266-Web Jurassic5-284-Web Jurassic5-301-Web Jurassic5-303-Web Jurassic5-312-Web Jurassic5-318-Web Jurassic5-358-Web Jurassic5-360-Web Jurassic5-373-Web