NYC Street Photography with Little Shao

12 October 2015

I met Little Shao aka Thinh Souvannarath through my friend Dharni. Coincidentally i had been following Little Shao’s work on dance photography ( Shao shot massive campaigns for Redbull, Puma and Under Armor with Misty Copeland) and thought that he could really bring a new look to street wear so i was excited to connect. When i meant met it was more like we connected through email and eventually had calls and Skype discussions on what we can make happen together. The process was really organic for the next 6 months and through Shao i was reconnected to the dance community in the states. When he visited NYC in June eventually we had the opportunity to work together for the first time. I thought it will be meaningful to feature creatives and artistes in NYC at that point of time so i got down to just sending out invites to whoever is free to hangout that one day we want to shoot. In that morning we met, we had the opportunity to work with Queens borned Rapper Homeboy Sandman from Stones Throw Records for a street portrait. We also got together with our friends Moon (founder of Suigeneric NYC), Koflow ( Dj and Producer) from Singapore, Shaun Evaristo (Movement Lifestyle Co Founder) and Yoko Sakao Ohama (Squarespace Graphic Designer) from the US dance community and had an impromptu street meet. Some of the photos are also now published in Singapore based magazine Straatosphere volume 3.

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