Music x Brands

26 November 2015

It has been a decade of collaborations or even far longer before the word “collaboration’ became a marketing term. And then the alphabet ” X” is now synonym to cross overs or co creations. Lately i have been thinking what it means to even go beyond the words collaboration? Beyond that big ‘ X ‘ Is it meant to be an event or a marketing archive to be celebrated when we make it to the 10 year anniversary.

i see collaborating as a way of life rather, aside from mutual benefits, it should work on elevating and motivating one to go beyond their own realm of creating. True collaborations to me are rewarding for the long term and most importantly inspiring. Most times, we also get more value down the road if we were to make that extra mile to  work on what every one can truly offer.

Want to recap some of the noteworthy ones:

My first independent gig really and i had personally worked with Lenka and her then BF now husband on curating content for our show in Singapore. it was really special. Firstly I wanted an old school element and Sony Walkman had agreed to sponsor the gig then, i just thought it would be cool for Lenka to put personal touches on anything we were giving out.  I remembered how stoked i was just because they were so open and didn’t mind the ‘extra’ work.

So here is a little reel which she sent me while she created the giveaways for MTV Asia. I didn’t get to share this then but now looking back this is really a cool stop motion video.

Lenka X Sony from onesixeight on Vimeo.

Stones Throw Asia Tour 2014 showcasing international illustrators and local artists. We created brand value working with local and global artistes which enables us to expand the tour to a few more cities in Asia. At the same time, we got more small businesses involved in supporting the music community.

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

In 2016,  we will be creating a lot more collaborations between music and fashion which might turn into a whole new means of showcasing both designers and artistes. So Stay tuned.