Mama Shelter LA

09 November 2015

Design that gives. That is my first impression when i stepped into Mama Shelter in LA last friday. I suppose that is what you are meant to feel when you step inside. Just like how a mother provides, warm and cozy. Mama Shelter is a parisian boutique chain of hotels, known for its quirks and cozy vibes and now it calls LA its first US home.  Grateful to my Gen Art team, i am super blessed to be able to have a chance to stay at Mama Shelter in LA since its inception two months ago. Like how this accommodation inspired me, i can’t wait to share its magic and what i have experienced here. I got to stay on the 5th floor and i can clearly spot the Hollywood sign in a distance through the window. The room is really cozy and there are just items in the room that will give any literature geek a warm welcome. On my desk i have two scripts titled The Big Lebowski and The Swingers by Jon Favreau. Coincidentally, my friend Vanessa from Singapore checked in the same day and we confirmed that every room had different titles so it ensures everyone will have an exclusive experience and perhaps come back to a different room with a different view. The weekend is almost over and i am really happy being in this area. Everything is just walking distance and i managed to squeeze in a restorative session at Yoga works on vine street about 400 metres away. The spot is close to many record stores like Amoeba and many indie ones. ( so guess where i was mostly)  The breakfast / coffeeshop and service is good. A little insight, the building is about 80 years old and was a former retirement home and certain elements like its elevator still has a very vintage feel and old mechanism. So don’t expect everything to be modern though i love the Apple IMac touch in every room.  Mama Shelter LA now makes it to my top 3 Concept/ Boutique Hotel amongst others like The Standard in NYC and Red Dot in Taichung.



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