A Woman’s Worth

20 October 2015

I do like this song from Maxwell and i loved it more when i saw a rendition by an incredible dancer in SYTYCD telling a story about a woman’s fight against breast cancer. The original Maxwell video illustrates a woman’s experience giving birth and the father is overwhelmed with emotions as he anticipates the birth of his child. i mean these are great instances to celebrate women’s strength and tenacity but i feel there is much more space and potential for women to express themselves fully in the everyday and be confident to take up roles that matter or are seen more masculine apart from the ones that are nurturing and feminine.

I never saw gender as a differentiation because i was brought up in an envionment learning that i am an equal and perhaps blessed that my family never insisted the i go down the dogmatic route of where i should be as a woman at what point of my life. It took a recent realization when i have to take a stand and leave environments that does not promote my very being and desire to take charge in areas that i am inspired by or even experienced in.

Therefore i made a takeaway list from this recent understanding and would love to share it with who ever is interested.

  • Your interests and passions are non gender defining. Its the year 2015 and its okay if people take more time to get with the program.
  • Take it as a compliment when people reacted with curiosity as to how you do what you do even if they brought up the topic with an awkward statement about it being a man’s job/ you don’t look like this is what you do
  • Find business partnerships or even relationships that compliment what are you doing rather than make you feel that that is something that you are lacking be it money or resources and network. As much as you think you are taking, you must know what value is that you are giving as well. It is scientifically proven that women are more empathetic and sometimes one might tend to over compensate.
  •  Be brave because you have only one life and it applies to everyone who wants to.
  • We have to be tactful when speaking in the board room and i have learnt that the hard way because the bigger picture is always more important. It is true that everyone’s reality has varying degrees of difference and it is sadly sometimes self serving. ( i took up meditation ever since, try it)
  • Own it. I love music , production, working with artistes, managing streetwear brands, menswear, product development, military inspired stuff, traveling ,sports, gaming, establishing myself in all the places/ cities i feel an affinity to, elevating others and being on my own  having a mind of my own.
  • Start over again if you have to. A person once told me that what is the point of all the hard stuff anyways, it is to build the confidence for you to stand up and start over again if you have to. I found this to be valuable because you will give up excuses of why is it that you can’t simply walk away from situations that no longer serve you.
  • Be Kind. To others and most importantly yourself.

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photo credit: John Heng